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Human Revolution Gets Cut By Director

By JcDent23-10-2013

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the prequel to Deus Ex, one of the best games of all time. Having loved Deus Ex, I had to play it and, of course, have critiqued it like any other game. It's the ones we love the most that we hurt the most, you see. But anyways, the game now has a "Director's Cut", but what's included in it?

Well, the obvious thing is that it has all the DLCs, which means about 8 more hours of storyline and more guns. Much like all the action and killing in the trailer, the gun DLCs are kind of meaningless as the game is not honest with itself. The original Deus Ex left the choice of killing or not killing people up to you. In Human Revolution, you get about 100% more XP for going the stealthy route and not killing anyone. Kind of makes all those explosive packages and shotguns redundant, right?

Speaking about things that hurt the game, the boss fights were re-done. And thank God for that, because the original didn't have boss fights – the "boss" enemies weren't some overpowered things out of this world and slaved to attack patterns, no, they augmented troops like you. And two of them can be defeated without firing a shot. Well, this was dropped for HR, to include gimmicky boss fights and an endboss section, complete with turrets and waves of enemies. Don't know how or if they managed to wriggle out this one, but I hope they did.

Then again, it giveth with one hand and taketh with another. One new feature to creep into the game is the ability to play the hacking minigame on a tablet. Because playing it on the computer was too responsive and immersive. Everything that makes you turn away from the screen and lift hands away from keyboard and mouse breaks immersion. And in this case, there's absolutely no reason to port a game feature away from it. Battlefield can at least pretend to have some use for the commander feature – you can still fill a vital Battlefield 4 role while tapping your tablet inconspicuously, in that lecture on sexism in cereal advertising that you signed up for because a cute redhead took it.

...oh, and there's also a developer commentary!

Anyways, despite it's flaws, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a great game and the greatest cyberpunk game we had in years. If you didn't have the chance to experience it two years ago, do it now!

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