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By Bobfish29-03-2013

First it was a vague, infuriatingly unenlightening screenshot designed solely to whet our appetites. But now we know, for certain, they're going seriously old school with the upcoming Warhammer 40k set Space Hulk game, opting for an isometric strategy approach.

This takes me way, way back. All the way to the Amstrad in the mid-eighties, when the game was all shades of grey. I loved that game. It was brutally challenging. The new game promises to be even more so, with procedurally generated random events. Moving away from the much maligned dice rolling style, but still keeping the same tension from the vagaries of fate. This is shaping up to be a hell of a game. Deeply atmospheric, simple to pick, impossible to master. In the name of the Emperor, raid the hulk of our comment section and purge the thoughts from your mind.

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Speaking of the Amstrad...