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Hulking New Campaigns for Space Hulk

By Doubleplus22-11-2013

Get your Storm Bolter's ready and prepare to purge some Genestealers, because Full Control has announce the two new campaigns for Space Hulk, Sword of Halcyon and Defilement of Honour are now available for purchase. In Sword of Halcyon, the player must complete their objectives as quickly as possible to recover the Space Marine Vessel, the Sword of Halcyon, which crashed into the Space Hulk on its way home from the planet Falkan, while travelling through the warp. This campaign also introduces Bulkhead Doors, which allow the player to completely shut off areas. In the Defilement of Honor, The Blood Angels must shut off the engines before they can destroy the Space Hulk. In their way is the new Air Ducts, pathways that only Genestealers can enter.

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