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How to Operate As a Ghost

By JcDent06-12-2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts, the latest and least greatest in a famed series of military FPSs, is out with a new video! In it, you can learn everything about Operations, the "our feature is totally different from the one in the other game, you guys" naming winner of the week. At least Battlefield is humble with its Assignments and Battlepacks.

Because Operations are an unholy marriage of both. Do 75 thermal scope skills to unlock this, call the dog XY times to unlock that... Basically, a regular achievement that actually gives you something for achieving it. And, if I'm not mistaken, they're timed. Quite generously so, but still. Best get gaming, or else you'll miss the chance to unlock Female Urban Camo #2 Head, oh no!

And what the video suggests is that Operations are not a natural extension of your gameplay experience – in fact, it's a new way to for the devs to influence your game and get you to play more, because every time you finish an Operation, you feel like you achieved something! And the devs are barely hiding it – probably because their PR-BS-fu is not nearly as strong as DICE's – as the video shows how you can look up operations before the match and then change your gear accordingly. Truly you play the way you want it – and you want to compete for shiny baubles.

Also, nice "two feet in front of me" sniping action there.

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