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How to Not Be a Sucky God

By MrJenssen25-04-2014

The new Zeus DLC for ARMA 3 is simple in concept: a player will take up the role of Game Master, a sort of invisible god that has the ability to control the battlefield in real-time from above. In cooperative or competitive scenarios, the game master has the ability to seamlessly spawn in various assets in the game-world to help out players, or enemy NPCs to increase the challenge, change things up, add in new plot elements to the scenario, and so forth.

But maybe you've never played Dungeons & Dragons. Or maybe you just don't quite understand how the concept of a game master would translate to the gameplay of ARMA 3.  Either way, Dys... Dlsy.... Ds... that guy with the weird name, has you covered.

In a brand new community guide video, Dslyasayfgaf (Dslyecxi) goes over the basics of the DLC. It is supposedly very easy to use (despite its somewhat intimidatingly long list-like look as seen in the footage) and comes with a handful of official scenarios that'll allow anyone to jump up on the throne of Zeus and wreak havoc. The tools at your disposal are nicely explained, so if you're still scratching your head at the thought of having a game master in a military simulator, then check out the video to be enlightened.

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