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How to Make Your Day Worse, XCOM 2 Style

By McKaby03-11-2015

You stand up, grab your cup of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, and go to look out of a window, relaxing a bit after working on crew reports, and see a hostile craft heading towards you with guns ready. No, this is not a scene from the ready room of a Galaxy or Sovereign Class, it's the Avenger, in Earth's atmosphere, and ADVENT has sent a small UFO to shoot you down to curtail XCOM's activities against them.

The new Dark Events system in XCOM 2 is a system that has been done to make no two play-throughs the same, adding in random events, such as a small change to ADVENT troops to Faceless in civilian population centres to ships coming after the Avenger, these are designed to make the job harder for XCOM, even to some points of causing loss of supplies, this is not a simple system to ignore, it's a critical part to keep an eye on as you fight to reclaim Earth from ADVENT and the aliens.

Good Luck Commander.

XCOM 2 is out 5th February 2016 and is on Steam for wishlist and no known price.

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