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How to be Air Cavalry

By JcDent03-08-2013

Basically, this video outlines the details of flying a helo in ARMA 3 - a feat that has eluded me so far. Watch it, take it to heart and maybe one day you'll be firing rockets from the sky instead of being a poor infantryman who has rockets fired at him. Even Bohemia think their helicopters are difficult to control.

"Considered as one of the more challenging disciplines in ARMA 3, the key to becoming a skilled ARMA helicopter pilot is practice. For those who just started their training, the new video provides a number of tips on how to use the collective pitch, the rudders, and how to operate some of the basic weapons systems – all while enjoying a beautiful (cockpit) view of Altis, the 270 km² island featured in the full retail game."

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