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How to Be a Team Player

By Mokman26-04-2013

A call out to every single ARMA 3 player who, for the last few weeks, have done nothing but run out into the open, reveal flanking moves, call artillery strikes down on your own team, and generally bring ruin down upon your side, I beg you. Please, please, PLEASE watch this. It's a new official community guide released by Bohemia that attempts to teach you lot how to work cohesively as a team (as much of a doomed prospect as that sounds). In a game as tactical and team-based as ARMA 3, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you watch this video.

If you want more related community guides, simply check out the other videos in the channel. Otherwise, if you're attention span is much too limited, please just watch and absorb this one. Tell you what, if you do, I'll even let you drive the truck. Yes, drive it. Just let me get back to a safe distance first, say...another server.

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