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How EA Blows Up Germany

By Bis18marck7008-09-2013

Germans are quirky people, that much we already know. Now, the guys from EA Germany proved that they aren't much different. In some wacked-out competition they gave an opportunity for one 'lucky' person to be present while a demolition squad takes out an old steel construction. Why? Because supposedly it looks like the Shanghai BF4 trailer skyscraper collapse. Did not to me, but then again, what do I know.

The video is in German but here is the short story. The guy with the helmet talks about the physics of things and that one cannot let a steel construction sink into itself. Rather, one has to let it fall sideways. Added tension comes from the building just next to the target object that is only a few meters away and must not get damaged. Obviously, and this comes with being German, everything was planned perfectly.

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Gotta' say, you have a point. They haven't pushed nearly as much as they claim in recent years

Posts: 341

Frostbites still looks like shit.
Modelswap and persistent animations for destruction, fuck yeah.
Not to mention the milliseconds of delay... or seconds rather up to 2!!!!!!!!

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For research? Nope. For marketing.

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Uhm, okay?