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Hotline Miami. Scene 2. Take 57

By MrJenssen24-06-2013

It's been known for a while that Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is in the works, so it's only logical to expect some gameplay footage surfacing sooner or later. If you're one of the many who are excited for the return of the ultra-violent orgy of color and 80s style synth music, then you're in luck. Embedded above, there's actual gameplay from a playable demo for Hotline 2, shown off at Rezzed, the indie games show that ran its annual course this weekend.

The sequel seems to be driven more by narrative than its predecessor. A movie based on the events of the first game is in the making, and the levels will supposedly reflect this, as they play out like movie scenes, where the victims reveal themselves as actors, and get up after you've slain them and completed each "scene".

Though there's not much to see in terms of new gameplay mechanics, it's still enjoyable as always, watching as the bloodbath continues with the masked synth-crusader breaches doors and chops limbs to the sound of a groovy soundtrack that rivals the most awesome music of 1980s sci-fi action movies. Snake Plissken, eat your heart out!

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Damn. the video is now private.