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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Finally) Gets a Release Date

By Doubleplus27-02-2015

After countless delays and an accidental false release date snaf (PYSCH! THATS THE WRONG NUMBA!), the sequel to everyones favorite neo-80s pixelart murder simulator, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, FINALLY has a release date of March 10th. Leading up to its release, new issues of it digital comic, which can be downloaded and read for free by navigating to Hotline Miami 2's Steam store page and clicking the "WATCH" button, will be periodically released.

I've always been a huge fan of Hotline Miami. I even still have a rabbit mask that looks exactly like the one they used in its original launch trailer that I bought for Halloween of 2013 and I look forward to finding to multitude of ways one will be able to commit horrific murders on groups of mobsters and such.

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Got a 20% discount on GMG so figured why not. This game is going to kick ass.