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Horizon Updates Spotted On the Horizon

By JcDent24-12-2013

Horizon will one day be a space 4X game, so naturally it's published by Iceberg (Endless Space!). Supposedly it will be centred around humanity's venture into the stars. The game is in late Beta on Steam Early Access and here are the new things that those lucky few can enjoy:

Ability to fully customize your race with race templates and unique special abilities

Don't want to only play as Humans? Select and play as one of seven additional races for a different experience (including 84 new ship models and other race specific assets and technologies)

You can now design your Starbase just as your ships before building it!

New Terraforming mechanic allows you to transform planets to become more hospitable to your race. Added ability to clean and restore toxic planets

Improved race starting colony placements on galaxy generation and more distinct colours

New displays for Explored Planets, Game Options, Racial Stats and Bonuses

Updated help screens with tooltips for new players

Doesn't seem too human centric, does it? On the other hand, here's what  Raffi Parsekhian, CEO of the developer L3O Interactive, had to say:

"We had planned to have full race customization in Horizon, but we are now also taking the next step by providing gamers the option to play as one of seven other unique races in the game.  Of course, we appreciate all feedback on the new update and encourage all players to give their opinion and advice on the official forum. Over the next weeks we will also be busy with language integrations, achievements and random events, working hard towards Horizon's final launch next year."

Hopefully, this will result in a good game. You can't have too many good 4X games. Now, if only Space Empire VI was in the works...

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