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Horizon Planetleak

By StuntmanLT12-10-2015

Back in August Frontier Developments announced an expansion for Elite Dangerous called Horizons. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Horizons and Frontier in general, with things like ludicrous pricing and questionable customer treatment, but having more content for what so far is an impressive but a lacklustre game is a good thing no doubt.

Now we get more insight what to expect in the near future. A video has surfaced from what seems to be David Braben himself where he shows off a small planetoid. Starting from a close up we zoom from a crash site all the way out to space. Seeing realistic portrayal of oddly shaped space bodies and detailed planet surfaces is really awesome but raises some questions too. Obviously this is just an early build but is it all that we will find on planets? Seems to be empty. What about the abysmal LOD (level of detail) distance? Hope that gets adjusted to avoid the many pop-ins.

I really want to see how Horizons will pan out but Frontier has a bumpy road ahead, starting with valuing their products. Hope that they find a way to satisfy us all and we end up exploring the galaxy in the sky and on the ground.

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