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Hope & Madness

By Bobfish15-07-2013

Ladies and gentleman, the wait is over. Mad Max is in the building. Kicking ass, taking names and frowning fit to make Judge Dredd quake in envy. Curiously, however, the titular anti-hero remained mute throughout. Not even a grunt. In lieu of the assurance his Aussie accent would return for the finished game, make of that what you will. I suspect it was simply to do with new dialogue not yet having been recorded. Though, within the confines of the trailer cum demo above, it works better that Max doesn't say anything honestly. After all, until Beyond Thunderdome he was primarily cold and stoic.

Speaking of Thunderdome actually, the deliciously understated female narration did, in a good way, put me in mind of the stories told in the latter stages of the film. 'Member the ones I mean? That again reinforces my earlier impressions that this new chapter will tie in with all of the series that came before, taking the best bits from each of the films and weaving a new tale all its own. But hey, don't take my word for it. Click play and check it out for yourself.

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Posts: 3290

Well, he used a zipline and kicked a guy in the face

Posts: 1317

Shit's gun' be tight, yo! But yeah, there's no gameplay in sight here.

Posts: 3290

Honestly? There's a distinct lack of gameplay in this gameplay reveal. It barely even qualifies as a teaser, as far as gameplay is concerned. More of a trailer than anything. I mean, what little we're shown looks pretty decent. But I have to stress on the little. Very little

Posts: 1548

Can someone tell me what's missing? I'm not feeling that tingly feeling.