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Homeworld IP Bid Winner Still A Mystery

By Mokman20-04-2013

Now this is a shocker. After the unexpected announcement from teamPixel, Paradox Interactive, arguably one of the strongest PC-centric gaming companies out now, with their long slew of marvelous grand strategy games, has lost the bid for the Homeworld IP. In a tweet just yesterday, Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, stated that:

"We finished 3rd in the Homeworld auction; I would have loved to work on that IP but wish the winners all the best and hope for a great HW3."

Next, Stardock followed suit and revealed that they didn't get the IP as well, as another tweet went up, this time from Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock:

"We didn't get the Homeworld IP. We were the second highest bidder."

So, with two of the industry's strategy heavy hitters out of the picture, who has the IP? This may be good or bad news, depending on the individual, but personally, I absolutely love both Paradox and Stardock. Both would have done great with the IP in their hands. Now, all that is left is to speculate about the actual winner - will it be an absolutely awesome studio working on Homeworld 3, like say, Relic? Or god forbid, will it be...EA?

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Thats too bad Paradox did not get it, these guys sure know how to make games...

@Bobfish Blizzard getting HW would be... interesting. HomeCraft :-D

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I expect if it was EA they'd be bragging about it like crazy. I could see Blizzard going for this though