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Homemade MS Surface Pro Gaming Edition

By NAG3LT29-12-2013

Windows 8 tablets use x86 CPUs and run full version of OS, so they can run PC games. Although, just like on other tablets, controls are usually an issue and the storage space is limited. Razer Edge tablet is one of the solutions for those who want to game on the go with its optional gamepad like holder. However, some people have decided to make alternatives themselves, based on Surface Pro 2 tablet. User Pochowandpoch on inventosunicos.com forums has showcased his Surface Pro 2 mod, with the 1 TB HDD from behind and split X360 gamepad attached from both sides for the portable gaming.

As everything was done with standard parts, the hardware mod required two X360 gamepads to be cut. The tablet itself remained mostly intact, but additional hardware was glued to its back. The back of the modified device was encased in an additional box, adding a lot of thickness and bulk to the tablet. The result seems nice to hold and play with two hands, even though it's far from the lighter tablets. While the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU is not very powerful compared to dedicated PC GPUs, it is still on the level of last gen consoles and is more powerful than GPUs in Apple or Android tablets. Thus a lot of modern games can still be played on it.


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Its funny when I see such things and remember some quotes from some developers who say their stuff is too complicated. Never underestimate a dedicated fan.