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Home Ham On The Range

By Bobfish15-01-2013

So there's new Borderlands 2 content on the way. And in typical Gearbox fashion it's batshit crazy. Our good chap Mister Hammerlock cordially requests your company for a rollicking good time hunting things, and shooting the crap out of them. Featuring buttloads (their words, not mine) of new content and the expected, irreverent sense of humour, there's honestly nothing new here. And that's a good thing. 'Cause, after all, why fix something that ain't broke? This is Borderlands after all. We're here to shoot stuff, loot the corpse, find more stuff and shoot the crap out of that as well. And that's what we have ahead of us. There's also some Doctor guy, but I'm sure he's not important. Just another friendly old bean to help us on our way with a firm handshake and a horde of brutal beasts. Because he's nice like that.

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