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Holy Upgrades Batman!

By KamikazeGoomba28-10-2013

The super hero MMO DC Universe Online seems to be getting a graphical overhaul on the PC, with its upcoming Game Update 31. ProSiebanSat.1 Games, the European publisher for DC Universe Online PC, released a "Before and After" video comparing the differences between the old and new look. The video contains a preview of several different areas that have had their entire graphics redone. The Amphitheater in particular went from being the regular dull color palette of greens and browns, to having a red glowing aura emitting from the center. The textures have been detailed to make the world appear crisper and less artificial.

Getting some pretty new graphics isn't the sort of thing to get me to start playing, but it has piqued my interest. Seeing that the colors were re-worked to pop out in favor of bland browns and grays is something that I applaud. Before, the lighting on the statue of Superman couldn't properly showcase his detailed shoulder muscles, but now they appear more golden and shapely than ever. For the more avid players of DC Universe Online, this will probably be a big improvement for their experience. Come November when it's released.

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Very manly shoulders indeed