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Holy Frozen DLC, Batman!

By Jedireaper26-02-2014

Or at least, that's what the new announcement trailer for Cold, Cold Heart, the new story DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins, wants you to see, as Mr Freeze power-suits, and ice-blasts his way through what could be a New Year's Eve Party!

Warner Brothers games, had been dropping hints for a while about the coming Arkham Origins story DLC, with constant talk of cold and freezing- y'know, winter aside. We previously mentioned that something big, and cold would be heading to Arkham Origins right here, and it seems that the DLC is about to be delivered, and not too long after Arkham Origins: Blackgate has made the leap to PC and home consoles.

The trailer sure looks interesting enough, and Mr Freeze is no stranger to Batman or the Arkham franchise. This may be chronicling the first encounter with Batman has with him, at least- in the Arkham series.

Having had a bit of a shaky start with bugs etc., Arkham Origins was a fine, if a little rough, addition to the Arkham franchise; owing to the change of Developers from Rocksteady to Warner themselves. And this DLC is very, very welcome, and I cannot wait to play it for myself. Till then, I am just going to Arnie voice "chill out".


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