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Holmes is Where the Heart is

By Bobfish04-09-2013

Coming sauntering out of the wilderness of the interwebs, after leaving us hanging with the absolutely astounding teaser during the Summer. Frogwares are back with some delicious new details about Crimes and Punishments. The latest in the extremely popular Holmes series. We've already seen the videos showcasing (read 'showing off') the much more advanced graphical features of the coming title. Now we've been treated to a lengty blog post detailing some of the forethought and manhours that go into actually crafting them.

Unsurprisingly, it starts, as these things always do, with some painstakingly crafted concept art. But from there, you might be surprised at how much more work is then laid on over the top. Lighting is the key to atmosphere, something a lot of people still fail to realise. A thick layer of fog is all well and good for looking dark and mysterious. But if it's flat, and if there's no sense of context from light sources, such as the dimming of a street lamp in the distance, it will fail. Something the team here are determined to avoid. It's a fascinating read and both the in game and concept images are stunning in their detail.

Check it out.

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