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Holmes is Watching

By Bobfish17-06-2013

Following on from our previous coverage of Crimes and Punishments, Frogwares latest in the increasingly successful Sherlock Holmes series. We have some fine details regarding the new 'intuition' mechanic. When looking at someone, be that a suspect, witness or whomever may be relevant to the case, little snippets of information will pop up as hovering tooltips at various places. For example, a scuff on someones show, which could say something like 'curious stain' and may throw doubt onto a testimony. Say x individual claims they have never been into the woods, and the mark is clearly moss from a tree for example.

Frogwares report that this is based and inspired in no small part by the current Holmsian adaptaion running on the BBC, in the UK. Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular roll. The television series is a moderinsation of the stories, but the tone remains consistent and lends itself well to a system like this. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it comes close. I thought it would be more akin to points of light, or something like that, which would reveal more information when examined more closely. Instead it's words which...will reveal more information when examined more closely.

This shows a lot of potential, fitting in smoothly with the Holmsian methods. After all, his greatest talent was not his supreme intellect (though that certainly gave him a distinct advantage) but was rather his ability to notice minor details that other people overlooked. Attention to detail. Something which is easy, in principal, to learn, but extremely difficult to master. So this, then, seems to strike a perfect balance between rewarding observation without punishing those who are less adept.

But that's just my ten cents. Feel free to leave your own below.

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