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Hold Your Horses Calamity Jane!

By Toast26-08-2013

I be rootin' and tootin'...oh hey folks! No, we're not talking about the wild west today, instead we'll be talking about good old Killing Floor, you know, that game from 2009 that unleashed its ugly horde of Zombies, or Zeds against you to rip you and your buddies apart? Well if you're not familiar, you'll probably be soon enough, and as for long term fans, you'll be glad to know about an upcoming release called Killing Floor: Calamity that Tripwire has just announced, which is to be shown off at PAX next week. It remains a mystery if it is a completely new game, an expansion or a remake for the Ouya console, but if it is something entirely new, you'll bet your sweet ass, it'll show up on PC at some point, but for now, it remains a secret of what it actually is.

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