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Hold Your Breath Sniper 2

By Bobfish04-01-2013

According to a press release on this Polish website (it's in Polish, but the release date bit is self-evident, so no Google translate needed, but I know some Polish guys who run a grocery fifty yards from here, so I can upload a video of them reading it out, in English, if you really need any further proof.  This is an incredibly long parenthesis note isn't it, perhaps I should stop now) and conveniently confirmed on the City Interactive website, offers a tentative release date of March 12.  We all know dates can change, and there have been some delays already, but it seems reasonable enough to me.  Two months should be ample time to iron out all the details, wouldn't you agree? Most publishers tend to finalise within roughly a quarter year.  So, has this spotter done a good job?

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Posts: 1548

As bad as the first game was it had its moments. If they learned anything this should be fun.

Posts: 3290

I'm still wary of the tone the game is going to take. That trailer really got under my skin