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Hold The Codec, Quiet’s Not Welcome Here

By ElderCub09-09-2015

You may have heard about a little game called Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Most of you, I'd imagine, are playing it and enjoying it just as much as we are. As it goes with new games, there're glitches. It's becoming inevitable that games are becoming so complex that they can't launch perfectly. It looks like Konami's found their first major game-breaker for Phantom Pain.

In missions 29 and 42, Konami has suggested you avoid bringing Quiet along, because if you do story progression can grind to a geary halt. There's also been word from Konami EU's twitter that using her even has a chance to completely corrupt your save file, but if that's not enough of a reason to leave her at base then do it for little ol' me. The bug affects all versions of the game, so watch yourself even if you're not on pc.

Curious about this game? Heard some things but still on the fence? Haven't played the other games? Don't worry about it, we'll be having our own review up soon, or just grab it now. It's really good.

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