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Hitman Will Hit Men in Another Game

By JcDent16-01-2014

You like bald guys with barcode tattoos killing people? This most likely means that you're a Hitman fan! Well, Io-Interactive has news for you! A next gen AAA Hitman game is in the works! It will feature Agent 47 "at the prime of his career", working with his longtime handler Diana Burnwood and full support of the killer-for-hire agency ICA. Hooray!

The game will run on Glacier 2 engine and Io premises to have the biggest open levels in any Hitman game yet. They're going to be more detailed and more lifelike – and all so that you could interact with them and set up perfect moments for the assassinations. Words like "non-linear" and "sandbox" were thrown around! The game will also retain the Contracts mode (where you set up specific objectives in existing maps and people compete to get the best score) and there's promise of removing "47's magic pockets". This is a bold move as it would make the game a little more hardcore and that's not a thing that AAA developers do these days.

All in all, the future is bright as a spotlight on 47's dome.

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Really didn't like the previous one, Blood Money is still by far superior and the ultimate Hitman experience (in my opinion). Though I do miss some of the really open and massive game levels some of the older titles featured...