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Hitman - The Legend (of the Voice) Returns

By Bis18marck7029-08-2012

For all those that are looking forward to the upcoming Hitman: Absolution release, we’ve got some special news that might just make you even more excited. Remember that glorious voice that went with you through all the adventures of the previous games? Yeah? Well that voice was David Bateson and it was one to die for. After saying that Bateson would not voice Agent 47 in Absolution, it seems like IO Interactive finally realized the genius they had with Bateson and decided to turn around on their previous decision.

To be honest, whose idea was it to not to have Bateson talk his way through the assassination goodness the game will have to offer anyway?

Undoubted by his previous marginalization, Bateson has followed the call to arms and returns as the voice of our most dear Agent 47. Bateson once again lending his awesome voice to one of the most loveable characters of the gaming world – yeah, we know, Agent 47 isn’t sweet daddy at times but under than hard shell you’ll be sure to find a soft heart of refined tastes.

Kudos to IO Interactive for having the guts to admit their mistake – I hope other developers are listening too. And Kudos to Agent 47 too, because we will always love you.

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Posts: 37

So they changed voice actor so close to release? Strange, but having the original voice is great.

Posts: 240

Thank fuck.