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Hitman: Community & Levels

By drcoolio34523-10-2015

Back at E3 2015, the developers behind Hitman invited nine "super fans" behind to scenes to take a peek at their upcoming game before anyone else. The Hitman team says that it's more than just getting players in to test their game out, break the servers, and see what they need to fix. Instead, they want to make it clear that Hitman is a community that's all about the players. No walls, no deception, no hidden secrets, just up-front community honesty between the Hitman team and players.

From the couple of people that have seen the game, the biggest takeaway is that the upcoming Hitman is massive. In Paris there's a castle that they can put a "hundred" people in, "each with their own goals." Players seemed fixated on the fact that there were so many moving parts, so many characters, and just an abundance of, well, stuff.

This time around Io-Interactive isn't planning on just releasing the game and being done, instead they have the philosophy that the release of the game will just be the "start," and layer on content throughout the year or maybe even years.

The next Hitman game is scheduled for release on March 11th of 2016 for Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. You can go Hitman's main website to get involved for future events.

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