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Hitler's Zombie Army Deploys a Second Time

By MrJenssen01-11-2013

Halloween has, in the past few decades, gone from being a time to honor the dead, to being a sort of X-Mas eve for fans of horror fiction. Video games have not escaped this trend, and every year we see developers coming up with creative ways to dress up their games in grotesque make-up to honor the tradition. Oftentimes, developers find this a good opportunity to give something back to the community who bought their games and supported them throughout. There is also the occasional douchebag developer who finds this a perfect time to try and milk some more money out of their fans because, hey, if you can't be bothered including something in your game to begin with, why not SELL it to your fans afterwards? Instant profit, and nobody will ever notice. Right? Guys...?

Then, there are developers who see this as a good excuse to release entirely new games for the occasion. Rebellion is one of these. The developer who brought us last year's awfully entertaining Sniper Elite V2 and this year's only mildly entertaining Nazi Zombie Army have decided to press forth, and said "screw annual game releases, we can do TWO per year!".

Yep, Nazi Zombie Army 2 has just been released. And with it is a fancy new launch trailer, that gives us an idea of what to expect for the sequel. If you ask me, this looks like a whole lot of "more of the same". That might not be such a terrible thing, since the original NZA wasn't really bad, but let's hope those new enemy types bring enough variation to justify purchasing the sequel as well, instead of just sticking with the original.

The game is out now on Steam, and if you're unsure of whether it's worth your money or not, you can hold your breath for a couple of days before our review crawls its way out of the ground. In the meantime, check out the trailer above and the screenshot gallery below. And, if you're really itching to see the game in action, the devs recorded a livestream on YouTube that you can check out. The full first hour of gameplay!

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