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Hitler’s Zombies Refuse to Die

By Toast06-09-2013

The damn bastards won't stay dead! You kill them once, they rise from the dead, and now they're rising from the dead a second time around! Rebellion want to make a sequel to the surprisingly successful Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army which featured Karl Fairbourne from Sniper Elite V2, and he's returning to kick more Nazi zombie ass (and maybe shoot a few heads off too, to make sure they're dead this time, and for good gory measure). You could with up to 3 friends in the co-operative campaign together, defeating the undead and traversing the haunted landscape of Europe, and the familiar characters from the first are likely to make a return together to join up again with Karl.

Creative head of the project Tim Jones had this to say about the upcoming sequel:

"We really wanted to heighten the demonic, nightmarish tones of the first game. The environments, the levels, the soundtrack all give a strong feeling of descent - each encounter, each level becoming progressively more hellish. Most importantly though, we've expanded the legions of Nazi undead with some really intimidating new enemies which we'll reveal soon."

"Nazi Zombie Army was a gamble, really. We didn't know whether it would work. We hoped people would like it. We hoped people would take it in the slightly tongue in cheek way it was meant with the title. And we obviously didn't have much money to market it. So we just put it out there and it's been very very good business and we've created a lot of fans who just like a straightforward gory shooter against zombies. It pretty much made its money back on the day of release. That was awesome."

New minions of the dead? Will we be fighting Nazi werewolves or Nazi hounds? Hey, I could probably be right with one of those guesses, but we'll see soon enough what they have in store for us. It is good to hear that it was successful on day 1 of it being on sale, hopefully this is just as good and as successful. Now the question remains of the release date....it will appear at some point later this year, who wants to bet on a 31st of October release date?

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Posts: 3290

Nazi Zombie Army 2 aka Epic Nutshot Simulator 2

Posts: 1548

And more of a story into a campaign rahter than just a rehash of the Sniper Elite game

Posts: 267

I din't expect such development of Sniper Elite series.

Posts: 1317

Well the first one was okay. It'd been very mediocre if it didn't have COOP. But hey, I don't mind this. If they can expand a bit, get rid of some of the repetition, make the characters more interesting, add more weapons and zombies, etc. It could be fun.

Posts: 1548

Yey...I guess?