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Hit the Pitch in Blood Bowl 2

By zethalee14-07-2015

For people completely unaware of the Blood Bowl series of games, quite a few years ago Games Workshop, developer of numerous Warhammer titles, decided that a parody of American Football was necessary for the property. Hence, Blood Bowl was born, and while it took some time before it appeared in its current iteration, it combines American Football with a very violent, fantasy strategy role-playing game. The rules are simple: build a team, and take turns trying to score points against the other player, while trying to not have your team maimed permanently.

Blood Bowl 2 however, seeks to expand on this by upgrading the graphics engine, providing a new UI, offering full team customization and a bevy of multiplayer features. Those who played the original Blood Bowl will remember that the online features were somewhat lacking, but Cyanide Studios have promised a variety of multiplayer leagues, local exhibition games against another human player, and the ability to buy and sell players via an online marketplace.

Though Blood Bowl 2 won't have the same 23 races as Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition did near the end of it's lifecycle, it took three years before the original title got all current expansions, so it might well achieve that level of variety over time. Blood Bowl 2 releases September 22nd for PC and current-generation consoles.

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