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Hidden in the Fog of Realism

By Fr33Lanc3r.00722-04-2013

The YouTube user, and avid ARMA fan, known as Dslyecxi has created a video showing off ARMA 3’s new technology for creating more realistic fog. Taking into account factors such as player altitude, fog density, and how fast it will dissipate, this new technology looks to clear up a few residual issues that ARMA 2 suffered, and create more opportunities for the use of fog in-game (especially for creators). It’ll also change how players respond tactically to fog, aircraft will not be able to see units walking through a thick fog, making ground troops safer at lower altitudes - at the expense of moving slower to avoid dangers hidden by the decreased visibility - leading to situations where you need to choose between navigating long, winding valleys and avoiding enemy aircraft, or cutting over a ridge, shortening travel time, but exposing yourself to anything waiting above.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what the community does with this new tech, and whatever else the ARMA devs have in store.

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Heh, gotta love the commentary section below that video. ^^

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This is going to kill my vid card isn't it -.-