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Hey Pixel Judge, I’m building a City… At Night!

By ElderCub26-09-2015

A month ago we were presented with the prospect of Cities: Skylines' first expansion, After Dark. With plenty of new features it seems like there's an awful lot more to do. As if the core game wasn't enough already, we're getting a free content patch to accommodate the expansion. With a huge list of patch notes. we'll most prominently see the "Day/night option added" under free content.

After Dark will make you rethink city planning. The days where a city could run purely on solar energy are over (should you choose) and get creative with better solutions to come with the new features. Hotels and other attractions have been included for those tourist types along with beach facilities to match. Buses and bike lanes will be instrumental in creating smoother commutes and a cleaner for everyone and Taxi services will make their appearance. Possibly the most interesting feature is service scheduling. While it seems like a no-brainer, I certainly hadn't thought of it. The ability to schedule when things like garbage pick up or bus heavy times come is up to you. No longer will the garbage trucks fight the morning exodus of workers, they can pick up waste in the evening. Leisure districts can be assigned leading to the wonders of nightlife, but also comes the chaos. An increase of criminal activity after hours will fill the new prison buildings if you're not careful. After Dark is available for $14.99 on Steam and Paradox' own store.

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