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Hey Gyes, Check This Out

By Bobfish26-02-2014

Everybody knows, the best place to be after the apocalypse is...somewhere where it didn't happen actually. But the second best place to be is a well fortified underground bunker. Ergo, After Reset would like to welcome you to Gyes. To celebrate, we have a whole smorgasbord of concept art to set the tone. But don't worry, those of you who are more anal about this kind of thing, we have a few in game renders as well, showing the full layout.

The images themselves don't really give away all that much...but at the same time, they kind of give away everything. Especially when considered in context with the criminally vague forum post. Hey, did you know there's an After Reset graphic novel by the way? Currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter too, it's already more than half funded. The name, and the fact that the Gyes bunker contains a science facility...yeah, make of that what you will.

All in all, it must be said, this is shaping up to be a hell of a game.

In fact, no, this is shaping up to be one hell of a good franchise.

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I want it, a bunker building sim! YAAAY!!!