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Here Comes the Bordercap

By Bobfish25-03-2013

A reveal trailer for an upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC vault hunter has snuck its way onto the YouTubes. Doubtless through a complicated conjunction of being recorded and then submitted via the upload screen from somewhere deep within the depths of Gearbox. Let's all say it nice, warm hello to Krieg the Psychopath. I'm sure he's absolutely lovely underneath that veneer of unintelligible grunting and Human brain matter. Probably just wants a hug and a big cuddly teddy. Or more brains spattered on his boot whilst he stomps on your face. Either way, he'll be crawling out of the putrid pits of Pandora (ooh, alliteration) in the near future. No official release date as yet, but there is a level cap increase coming on April the second so that's something to keep you busy in the interim. Now go, shoo, leave all your claptrap in the little box below. Or Krieg will make you sausages for breakfast...out of your own intestines.

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Level cap DLC is free for season pass owners. Awesome. :)