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Help Ubisoft Improve by Rating Missions in Black Flag

By MrJenssen01-10-2013

Check out Eurogamer's fresh preview of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. There's almost ten minutes of new gameplay along with Eurogamer previewer Ian Higton's narration. There is the usual stuff; sneaking, assassination, ship combat, exploration and so on. You can't deny how great it looks, though!

Near the end of the video, Ian mentions something Ubisoft seem to have left out in all their official coverage of the game. Apparently, at the end of every mission, you will be able to rate how much you enjoyed it. This is sent directly to Ubisoft, which will help them get a good idea of what people enjoy in their games, and what needs to be cut for future projects. Higton also assures us that the rating system will not be as obtrusive as that of most mobile games.

But this begs the question, does this mean that Ubisoft once again will resort to always-online DRM? Or have they found a more consumer-friendly way around it?

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