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Help 'Save' Homeworld Franchise

By NeonAnderson24-01-2013

The indie studio teamPixel claims they want to save the Homeworld franchise. This will be achieved by using crowd-funding to help purchase the franchise in the THQ bankruptcy auction. If the company reaches the goal of 50,000 USD; they plan to develop two new Homeworld titles. The first of which is Homeworld Touch, planned for 2013, which will be available on tablet devices. While the second will be Homeworld 3, planned for 2014. The video above shows some gameplay from what would be Homeworld Touch, it also has a developer from teamPixel discussing broadly their plan for developing Homeworld 3.

Currently it has been announced by DDInvesting that Homefront has gone to Crytek (for 500k), Metro to Koch Media (for 5.8 million), South Park to Ubisoft (for 3.2 million), Relic to SEGA (for 26 million), Montreal to Ubisoft (2.5 million), Volition to Koch Media (22.3 million).

Here is the fishy part though, all news and official sources point to the THQ auction being over, with only Vigil (developers of Darksiders) not having been sold. It is however unclear who owns the rights to Homeworld, while they were developed by Relic, which now belongs to SEGA and it was published by Sierra Entertainment. THQ then purchased the franchise from Sierra back in 2007, but it is unclear where the IP stands officially in terms of ownership and if it was or was not purchased over by SEGA.

Legal matters can always become a mess, so any and all credible information you find, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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