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Help Edyn Escape

By MrJenssen24-09-2013

I've been a bit annoyed at how Techland have shown nearly no actual gameplay footage for Hellraid, other than the E3 trailer. The game looks like heaps of fun. I mean, Dead Island's combat (but hopefully improved), droused in medieval fantasy atmosphere, with Co-Op? Yesh pleashe, is what Sean Connery would have likely said if he was a gamer and also a fan of Dead Island despite its numerous flaws.

So yeah, up above is a series of video clips chained together, where you will have to lead brother Edyn to safety, through some creepy dungeons inhabited by foul beings. Every video will end with two choices. One is right, the other is wrong. If you make it all the way to the end, you'll be treated to a reward. A tiny, tiny, almost meaningless reward. Spoiler: It's a song from the soundtrack. But hey, at least you sort of got more of a look at the gameplay!

Now let's just hope that this means we'll be seeing more from Hellraid in the coming weeks and months. The game is supposed to release in 2013, after all!

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Beats me. But then again, I had never heard the name Elof before either... ^^

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Dafuq kind of name is Edyn?!