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Help Decide the Content of Dead Island 2's CE

By MrJenssen13-07-2014

The Dead Island franchise hasn't been so lucky with the reception of its collector's editions so far. Remember the one for Riptide that had a hot babe's severed torso as wrapping? Quite an eye-catcher, and not too unoriginal either. But people didn't exactly like it. Apparently it, uh, encouraged violence against women? How, I do not know. But while misogynist old me found the CE pretty cool, there are a good amount of people who would disagree.

So I suppose it is fitting then, that publisher Deep Silver wants to involve the community this time around. Dead Island 2 is going to get a collector's edition, and the publisher has asked the fans to help decide what's to be put inside it. By completing a survey that gives you a multitude of options and a way to rank these options from "do not want" to "I need this!", you'll be able to help the game come with a real-life zombie somehow. But be quick, the voting ends already tomorrow night!

"Voting will end on Monday, 14th July at midnight, so hurry up and don’t be left out – you could make the world’s first mo-capped cat for a video game come to life as a Rick Furry plushy and love him and squeeze him and call him George."

Dead Island 2 is set to release in the spring of 2015. We'll keep you updated on how the voting turns out.

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A good game

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A giant mauled cock with the testicles bitten half through