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Help Black Ops II Become ‘Hardened’

By NeonAnderson29-11-2012

David Vonderhaar aka Vahn, one of the game’s developers, has taken to the forums to find out what players want to see in the next patches of Black Ops 2 in terms of Hardcore modes. The post can be read in its entirety here.

Vahn expresses the developers’ understanding for the desire of Hardcore playlists, but also explains the limitations and reasons as to why they do not simply implement a playlist for each Hardcore mode.

“The problem here is that not every gamemode playable in a hardcore variant has sufficient enough traffic to warrant having its own playlist.”

Vahn does however explain that Treyarch wants to come up with a solution.

“Where do you go from here? Sacrifice Hardcore FFA for a Moshpit, Kill Confirmed, or something else entirelly?”

So if you would like to add your constructive feedback to the thread, then feel free to click here and let Treyarch hear your voice.

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