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Help a Capital Ship in Elite: Dangerous

By JcDent14-09-2013

Elite: Dangerous is one of the upcoming space games that will make geek and geekettes completely abandon real life for some sweet, sweet space action. As we covered in the space station update, there are even going to be massive capital ships which will need your help.

Well, this video is about just that.

With these two ships duking it out (the white one probably belongs to the Empire, but reminds me of the Gratuitous Space Battle's Rebel designs) at short range, you and your three buddies warp in to help. And you immediately lose one - I wonder if there will be one hit weapons in game! What's left is a lot of flying around, dodging enemy fire and pulling irresponsible manoeuvres around and inside a ships superstructure.

Eventually the friendly cruiser brings its weapons back online to fire upon its enemy... which doesn't promptly explode. Huh.

We'll see more of that when the game comes out!

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Every time I see this...I think of Babylon 5. The Federal Battlecruiser looks a hell of a lot like a Narn G'Quan cruiser