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Hellraid to Raid on a New Engine

By drcoolio34501-05-2014

Techland, creators of game such as Dead Island and Call of Juarez, have come out with a new trailer for Hellraid, showing some combat footage along with some game modes they plan to include.

The initial reaction to Hellraid was somewhat underwhelming, and so the developer decided to migrate the game to the Chrome Engine 6 (the same one used for Dying Light), which consequently pushed back the release date of the game to next year. It looks better, and probably should play better as well, and this is likely all for the better. You can’t go wrong with more polish.

As far as for what Hellraid is, Youtube commenter Angel K.N summed it up pretty well when he said "Skyrim and Dark Souls + co-op." With elemental magic and grunting weapon swings, Hellraid seems to look a lot like Skyrim on the surface level. Mix that with tons of skeletons and zombies and the overall dark aesthetic of Dark Souls and you've got Hellraid.

This description looked especially true in the game modes "mission" and "arena" where the player was surrounded by the undead with axe in hand, fighting waves of enemies. But combat isn't the whole game despite it being a hack-and-slash title, Techland also included a story mode where you can play with up to four of your friends.

In addition to game modes and combat, they also showed that there will be lots of armor and weaponry to choose from. There are axes, swords, bombs, and all sorts of craftable killy-stabby-crushy items to play with, as well as deadly spells and dashing mechanics if you prefer to fight from afar, though there were no bows showcased in the trailer. To accompany these weapons, you can spend skill points in what looks like a skill tree inspired from the sphere grid from Final Fantasy 10, where you level up and choose abilities on a large and branching skill tree.  

Be sure to check out the trailer above to see if you can catch anything else, let us know in the comments below if you do!

Hellraid is planned to come out for Windows and consoles alike sometime in 2015. Early Access is slated for this year.

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I'm really excited for Hellraid. Even if it turns out to just be a moderately more streamlined fantasy-reskin of Dead Island, the Co-Op alone will keep me and my buddies entertained.