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Hellraid Raises Hell

By Bobfish30-04-2013

Those laconic people at Techland are at it again. First it was Dead Island, about an island full of dead people. Now it's Hellraid about...raiding hell. The game will be released for home consoles and the PC later this year and will be about, uhm, raiding hell.

Much like Dead Island it will feature four player co-op and a 'Game Master' (why is some guy with a pointy hat eyeing you from the coast?) feature that will randomise loot and enemies. As well as, we're told, introducing and removing randomly generated content periodically. Clearly intended to maintain longterm engagement, it could be a really cool feature if used correctly.

There will also be the obligatory weapon crafting and character customisation options we're all familiar with. So, my fellow gamers, who wants to come bitchslap Satan and teabag his chin with me? Comments below.


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Well, I've heard they made it much less punishing with Riptide, so that bodes well

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I find this developer's game really crushingly average. I see this has weaponn crafting, I hope that doesn't also involve weapons breaking every five minutes, Dead Island style. That got annoying fast.

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Let's hope it's not Techland's B-team at work with this... Oh wait, if it's their A-team doing Hellraid, then that means... Juarez? NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!