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Hello Universim

By Caraline_Nelson25-04-2014

The Universim is a planet management game currently designed by Alex Koshelkov and being developed by Crytivo Games. They are looking for supporters on Kickstarter and the campaign has until May 24th to get funded. Looking for $320,000 to develop the game, they are already an eighth of the way there after only a day. As far as stretch goals are concerned, it will require almost tripling that amount to get multiplayer.

The game has already stated that there will be no microtransactions or paid downloadable content. Once you purchase it, it’s yours. Then it can be played offline and any added content will be free to download. So far it looks promising.

Your role, in this game, is that of the planet. A race with birth on your surface, and evolve. Eventually, they will discover primitive technology, and will form civilisation. The little people that live on you will go through the Stone Age and climb the technological ladder until finally, they will move on to the Space Age. That’s right you can take cave men and prepare their ascension to explorers and colonizers of the solar system. But every decision you make matters. The lives of tiny pixelated people depend on you.

How will they manage resources, fight disease, protect themselves from predators and natural disaster? Will they mine you to an empty hull and make you angry? Will you let them know by causing natural disasters? What about other planets in the solar system? Will your people mine them as well, or colonize them? What of extra-terrestrial life? How cautiously will your people proceed? You will have to guide them.

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