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Hello Laugh in the Face of (Joe) Danger

By Bobfish16-01-2014

Despite a nasty flood that almost crippled them, or so it seemed, Hello Games are back and raring to go. Promising us No Man's Sky will release bang on target. Perhaps dear old Joe, going floating past with his face down in the water, did some dramatically dangerous things and saved those HDDs they were willing to sacrifice in favour of, y'know, not being drowned to death. Also, seriously guys, major kudos for that.

The key thing here, is that out of the bad times has come something positive. Far from being drowned out (too much?) by their own dismay, they've come raring back and, via an interview with CVG, we are very happy to announce that the tides have turned back in their favour. So all that remains for us to say, is well done guys. You keep up the good work.

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