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Hell Breaks Out On Pandora

By SPBunny23-10-2015

Hell breaks out in the Vault of the Traveller, and nobody is surprised. And if you were, then you don't really know what kind of world it is. Yes, on October 20th the grand finale to this season became available to download on PC, Mac, PS4 and PS3.

In the ending of this season, hopefully a sign of a second, the man that everybody loves to hate has taken control of Helios' systems, and he's ready to claim his seat on the throne. It’s just a matter of if it's with, or without, you. But before you get to fixing the problem, you gotta get off the space station alive, and try your hardest to grab the final Gortys Piece. So, the question is this: Can our heroes make it through a sh**storm of danger, and nab that sweet, sweet alien loot?

Either way, the trailer promises that Loyalties will be tested, secrets revealed, and, most importantly, enough explosions to make Michael Bay take notice! And who doesn't love a good explosion or twenty?

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