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Heavy Gear Assault Stretches Out For Kickstarter Goals

By Mokman28-05-2013

As we had recently covered on our site, mech-bashing game Heavy Gear Assault has taken the advice of its benefactors and had implemented the basework for a single-player campaign within the game, with a single episode of content. Now, there's been an update to the plans of Stompy Bot, its developers, just in case any of you are still on the fence.

New episodes will unlock at different stretch goals, as can be seen on its Kickstarter target, but even more exciting, they have confirmed support for Oculus Rift, stating:

"Heavy Gear is the perfect game for Oculus because Pilots in the HG universe actually wear VR Helmets! We are currently working on gameplay concepts which incorporate the Oculus and the uniqueness of the HG lore."

Changed your mind yet?

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The Lawnmower man *shudder*

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I don't know about all this fancy VR business. I'm currently having flashbacks to the early '90s, when VR was new and ground-breaking and all the rage. PC Gamer was filled with photos of overweight neckbeards flailing around like epileptics with enormous black bedpans on their heads. Hilarious but at the same time slightly sad.