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Hearts of Iron IV Gets a Teaser

By PeterChi24-01-2014

Paradox Interactive have released a new announcement teaser trailer for Hearts of Iron IV, but being a teaser, there's no actual game footage shown. What we have here is some old footage from the Second World War, and who hasn't seen that already? And in colour too. At least the cinema setting was new.

The hearts of Iron series puts you in charge of a single nation during the years of the Second World War in order to see how you fare managing your country's economy, politics, and armed forces. Expect plenty of resource management and backroom scheming to go along with the whole war thing.

There's more information over on the Paradox website that you can peruse at one's leisure. That's world war two speak.

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Too be honest, I'm not really a fan of grand stategy, I can hardly stand it to be honest, BUT, I do appreciate why people like this and understand how they appeal to others, and looking at the comments in the youtube video and looking at the Steam community hub of HOI3.