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Heart of Darkness is Deliciously Colonial

By Mokman03-04-2013

The majestic geniuses, Paradox Interactive, have now graced us with a new gameplay trailer for upcoming world domination and British Snobbery simulator, Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness - replete with fancy music and old-timey text, as well as a brief introduction to the features of the game. Promising a variety of new and old-but-updated systems, such as the colonization system for the scramble for Africa, the naval combat system updated with new ships and the addition of international crises, Victoria 2 promises to be even bigger and madder than previous iterations. Put on your crowns gentlemen, it is time again for Britannia to rule the world.

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"British Snobbery simulator" There could be a market for a game called that, just like Euro Truck Simulator or Farm Simulator.