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The Dead Linger Behind Barricades

By Leigh Cobb25-05-2013

Development on Sandswept's open world zombie survival game, The Dead Linger, trundles on, now they have added in barricades in order to defend against the hordes of undead attackers that await you. This update is very freeform, allowing players to use a hammer to nail objects over doors and windows, you can even choose the precise angle and position to use.

In addition, sledgehammers will allow you to hit wood into the ground and construct fences to further confuse your decomposing adversaries. The game itself still looks pretty barebones, with the frame rate in the video above appearing to be quite choppy in places, as well as the zombies themselves all being the same character model. Still, the development is of course ongoing and the game is still in early Alpha stage, it definitely looks promising and you can vote it up on Steam Greenlight if you are interested.

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