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Hawken Update Incoming

By NeonAnderson18-04-2013

A new update for the mech-shooter Hawken is on its way, coming April 18th, the update will bring a new map, new features, a new mech and new weapons/equipment.

In terms of new features the new update, coined Technician Update, will bring new UI changes. Players can now customise their options to see mech identity icons next to player names, in addition the Radar Minimap has significantly updated. That's not all though! The UI has also had new features added to receive crucial tactical information when you most need it, thus allowing players to make on-the-fly decision about where they need to be and who they need to aid on their team the most.

The biggest new addition of the update is the Technician mech, this is a support mech with strong offensive abilities. The Technician can heal allies and lower their heat. The technician also has a primary weapon and a dual-mode secondary weapon.

"Overall the biggest change we've found with this patch is that players tend to naturally play as a team much more often, regardless of the team composition. PROTIP: Stick together and kill the Technician first." Said David Saunders and Dave Nguyen.

The update will also add new Service Awards that once obtained will provide Hawken Credits and Achievement Point rewards. As well as a new map called Front Line. This map is a large-scale map that supports all game modes. Long time Alpha players will recognise the map as a new version of Valkyrie, a map that was in Alpha but was removed in Beta.

For a full list of changes click here to see the full patch notes. Have fun on the battlefields of Hawken!

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